Dead Space Remake | Where To Find Contact Beam Upgrades?

Dead Space Remake (Dead Space 2023) offers players the opportunity to upgrade their weapons and make them deadlier against Necromorphs.

One of the weapons that players can upgrade is the Contact Beam, which is considered one of the best weapons in the game.

Dead Space Remake – Contact Beam Upgrades:

There are three upgrades available for the Contact Beam, two of which can be obtained during your travels and another one can be bought from the store. The upgrade perks include Supersymmetry Tether, Portable Heliotron, and Diffraction Module.

Supersymmetry Tether – This upgrade can be purchased from the store after acquiring the Contact Beam in Chapter 4 for $12,000. This perk applies damage over time to each shot.

Portable Heliotron – This upgrade can be obtained during the free roam segment of Chapter 10. Head back to the Medical Deck and make your way to the level 3 locked room. The upgrade will be waiting for you on top of a workbench once you open the door.

Diffraction Module – This upgrade requires the completion of the side quest “You Are Not Authorized” to get the Master Override Keycard. This keycard gives access to locked rooms and crates above security level 3 and the upgrade is located in such a room. Head to the Mining Deck and find the room where you need to move crates using kinesis. Arrange the crates to clear a path and unlock the room. Interact with the box in the leftmost corner to get the final upgrade for the Contact Beam.

Upgrades can be done by using a Node at a bench to upgrade a specific stat or to unlock special perks. This process is reversible and you can pay credits to remove Nodes and allocate them again to a different weapon. By using upgrades, players can make their weapons perform better in combat and defeat Necromorphs with ease.

If you want to make the Contact Beam a deadly weapon in Dead Space Remake, be sure to follow this guide and get all three upgrades. With the Supersymmetry Tether, Portable Heliotron, and Diffraction Module, you’ll be ready to take on any Necromorphs that come your way.