Dead Space Remake | How To Unlock Wishbone Trophy?

Dead Space is a survival horror game that takes players on a sci-fi journey as Isaac Clarke, an engineer on a repair mission gone wrong.

After the USG Ishimura sends out a distress signal, Isaac and his team find themselves fighting for survival against a zombie-alien horde. With multiple weapons and abilities to choose from, players must escape the ship while defeating Necromorphs, the game’s fearsome enemies. One of the Dead Space achievements, the Wishbone Trophy, challenges players to remove a Necromorph’s limb using Kinesis, an ability that Isaac can get by finding the Kinesis Module.

Dead Space Remake – Wishbone Trophy:

Here’s how to unlock the Wishbone trophy in Dead Space Remake:

To get the Wishbone Trophy, players must first get the Kinesis Module, which is found in Chapter 02: Intensive Care in the Medical Cargo Depot. Once players have the Kinesis ability, they can put it to use by finding a solo or injured Necromorph. The pulse rifle or the ripper blades can be used to weaken the limb without completely shooting it or cutting it off. However, the Necromorphs are fast and can be difficult to control without the use of the stasis module. This module slows down enemies and objects for a short amount of time, allowing players to weaken the limb, hit it with Kinesis, and rip it off.

Alternatively, players can go to the Main Lab Changing Room in the security station in medical and throw one of the suit legs hanging up to get the Wishbone Trophy. While this method may not be as challenging or rewarding, it is a potential glitch in the game that players can use if their goal is just to get the trophy in name only.

Getting the Wishbone Trophy in Dead Space Remake requires some precision and quick thinking. Players must use the Kinesis ability to remove a Necromorph’s limb, and the stasis module will make the process easier. Whether players choose to follow the challenging method or use the potential glitch, the Wishbone Trophy is an achievable achievement in the 2023 Dead Space Remake.