Dead Island 2 | How To Complete The Search For Truth?

Dead Island 2 is an action-packed game filled with zombies, puzzles, and adventure.

Completing the 21st mission, “The Search for Truth,” can be quite challenging. In this mission, players must help Tisha find answers while uncovering the dark reality of the world they live in. To complete this mission, players must follow a series of steps, starting with finding Tisha in the kitchen of the Boardwalk Dead mission. After speaking with Tisha, players must search for the elusive Konradt, which leads them on a scavenger hunt-like adventure involving a narrow alleyway, a locked safe, and a server room keycard. The ultimate challenge in this mission is defeating Specimen Noah, the granddaddy of all zombies. To defeat Specimen Noah, players must keep their weapons ready and their guard up while unleashing their fury mode. Once defeated, players can complete the mission by speaking with Jimmy in Dr. Reed’s room. This guide provides players with a step-by-step walkthrough of the mission, including tips on how to defeat the various zombies and complete the puzzles. With this guide, players can successfully complete “The Search for Truth”

Dead Island 2 – The Search For Truth Quest:

Here’s how to complete the Search For Truth Quest:

Firstly, after completing the “Back of the Boardwalk Dead” mission, make your way to the first floor of the hotel and head towards the commercial area. Keep your eyes peeled for a Crusher Zombie and take it down. Once you’ve done that, continue down the hall until you reach the kitchen where Tisha will be waiting for you.

After chatting with Tisha, it’s time to start the hunt for Konradt. Exit the building and turn left. You’ll need to make your way through a narrow alleyway to reach the OSK store. Once you’re there, find the safe and whisper the code “sKOpe” to open it. Unfortunately, sKOpe is currently offline, so you’ll need to reboot the system before you can progress further.

To reboot the system, you’ll need to make a sacrifice. Henry, your little zombie friend, is blocking your path, so you’ll need to take him down and snag the Server Room Keycard he drops. Once you’ve got the keycard, use it on the reader and open the door. Locate the hidden lever on the right side of the room and use it to progress.

Next, make your way toward the ambulance and turn left, followed by a right up the slope. Radio Tisha and prepare for the ultimate showdown against Hazmat Walkers, a Screamer, and a Caustic X Walker. Once you’ve taken them down, make your way to the end of the room and destroy three energy panels to gain access to the locked door.

Finally, it’s time to face off against Specimen Noah. Keep your guard up and use your weapons to take it down. Once you’ve defeated it, talk to Jimmy in Dr. Reed’s room, and the mission will be complete.

In conclusion, completing the “Search for Truth” mission in Dead Island 2 can be a challenging task, but with this guide, you’ll be able to navigate it with ease. Remember to stay alert, keep your weapons at the ready, and don’t forget to watch your back! Good luck, adventurer.

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