Dead Island 2 | Glitches | How To Get Unlimited Money & XP?

Dead Island 2 is a post-apocalyptic open-world game where players are one of the few survivors of a massive zombie outbreak in Los Angeles.

As they progress through the game, they level up and unlock new abilities, weapons, and items to help them survive. However, the game can be challenging, and players may find themselves needing a lot of cash to upgrade and mod their items or purchase new weapons from traders.

Dead Island 2 – Exploits:

Here’s everything you need to about DI2:

To make things easier, players have discovered a handy duplication glitch that allows them to duplicate their weapons and items, which they can sell for more cash. Additionally, there is another duplication glitch that can help players level up faster by exploiting the game’s respawn feature..

Before using the duplication glitch, players need to be in a co-op session with a friend or a public session using the online multiplayer feature. The glitch is available on both PC and console versions of the game, but the steps to activate it differ.

For PC players, they need to navigate to the User folder on their computer, find the correct user, and choose the AppData folder. From there, they should locate the DeadIsland folder and select the Saved folder to access the SaveGames folder. They can then copy the save file and make a backup on their desktop or another folder.

On PlayStation, players need to open the settings menu, scroll down to Application Saved Data Management, and choose the Copy to USB Storage Device option. They can then copy the saved file to a USB device.

Once they have backed up their save file, players can drop the weapons they want to duplicate from their inventory during the co-op session. After dropping the weapons, they should exit the game and return to the local save file folder or USB. They can then copy and paste the original save file into the application folder and start the game again. The duplicated weapons will still be in their inventory, and they can pick up the ones they dropped earlier. They can sell these extra weapons for cash as often as they want by replacing the saved file in the folder.

The second duplication glitch is much simpler and involves exploiting the game’s respawn feature. During main missions where players are forced to attack a large horde of zombies to complete an objective, they can die or quit the game and respawn with the same amount of ammo and Med Packs they started with. The zombies also respawn, allowing players to kill them again and earn even more XP. They can repeat this process as many times as they want.

In conclusion, these duplication glitches can help players get more cash and XP faster in Dead Island 2. However, players should use these glitches responsibly and not overdo it to avoid losing the fun and challenge of the game.

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