Battlefield 2042 | How To Fix The Mouse Not Working Issue?

Battlefield 2042 update was released yesterday, and there are several issues occurring in the game since the update is released. Here’s how to fix the mouse not working issue in Battlefield 2042.

DICE has released BF 2042 update 3 to introduce some new features in the game, but since the release of BF 2042 update 3, several players have reported different issues and errors. Mouse not working is one of these issues that players are experiencing while playing BF 2042. Due to this issue, they can’t look left or right in the game. So we have made this guide to tell you how to fix the Mouse not working error in BF 2042.

Fix For Battlefield 2042’s Mouse Not Working Issue:

Designer Florian ‘DRUNKKZ3’ of DICE has told a simple fix for this issue, and this fix will solve this issue permanently. So we have listed below the fix of the mouse not working issue in BF 2042:

Fix For Mouse Not Working Issue:

Follow the instruction below to fix the mouse not working issue in BF 2042:

  1. Reset on Foot Keybind:

    Florian has suggested resetting the On Foot settings and keybind first before going towards the other fixes.
    ⇒Start BF 2042 and then go to the settings. Select Mouse & Keyboard option and ⇒go to the ‘On Foot’ option. Select Restore default and then open the ‘⇒Keybindings’ box and hit the ‘Restore Default’ again.
  2. Delete the Keybinding Files:

    According to some players, this issue has been fixed for them by deleting the        Keybinding files from their system.
    ⇒Use Notepad and Open “PROF Save_profile”      ⇒(Documents\Battlefield2042\Settingsfolder).
    ⇒Find GstKeyBinding.infantry.ConceptYaW.
    ⇒Delete all of the lines and save the file.
  3. Delete The Document Folder of Battlefield 2042:This is another fix suggested by Florian, in this fix all you have to do is delete the BF 2042 folder which is located in the Documents.

    ⇒Hover your mouse over the File Explorer and Left Click on it to open the File ⇒Explorer.
    ⇒Go to Documents and delete the BF 2042 file.

These are all the fixes you can try to solve the mouse not working issue in Battlefield 2042, One of these fixes will solve this issue for sure. If you want to know How to fix the Error (1004G), or Matchmaking Timeout/Failed Error in BF 2042 then check out these guides.