How To Fix The Unable To Load The Persistence Data Error (1004G), (1302P), & (1300P in Battlefield 2042?

Players aren’t able to play BF 2042 due to several issues since its release. Here’s how to fix the Unable To Load The Persistence Data, Error (1004G), (1302P), & (1300P) in Battlefield 2042.

DICE has just released BF 2042 update 3 in order to fix the errors and bugs in the game. But since the release of the BF 2042 update 3 players are experiencing several different issues such as matchmaking timeout, unable to connect to the game, and unable to load persistence data. DICE has started working on the latest patch to fix all of these errors permanently. But until the developers release a patch, we have listed a fix here that you can try to solve this issue in BF 2042.

Battlefield 2042 – Fixes for Error (1004G), (1302P), (1300P):

Here we have listed all the fixes that you can try to fix the Error (1004G), (1302P), (1300P) in BF 2042:

  1. Update Your System:

    Install the latest system updates available and go to C:\Program Files (x86) Origin and delete the ‘igo64.dll’ file and then try to play BF 2042.
  2. Temporarily Disable Your Antivirus and Firewall or Add BF 2042 To The Whitelist:

    Check if BF 2042 is being prevented by your Antivirus or Defender. If that’s the case then Disable the Antivirus and Firewall temporarily or add BF 2042 in the whitelist of your Antivirus and Firewall.

    Open Search Menu and type Firewall or Windows Defender Firewall and then in the Windows Defender Firewall click on allow an app option and then select both boxes of BF 2042 and press OK.
  3. Try to use LAN Connection whilst playing BF 2042. 

    LAN connection is more stable than Wifi Connection so switch over to line connection and then set your internet connection to the default from the network settings menu. 

  4. Give BF 2042 .exe file Administrative privileges:Go to the Steam library and select the BF 2042. Open the properties, select Local Files and then select Browse Local Files. Locate BF 2042.exe in the installation folder and then open its properties. Go to the Compatibility tab and click on the run this application as an administrator box in the Options and Click on Apply Button.
  5. Disable the Crossplay Option in BF 2042:Go to game settings and then turn off the Crossplay option.
  6. Verify your Game Files Integrity on Steam & Origin:
    Go to your Steam Library and Right Click BF 2042 and open Properties. Select Verify Integrity of game files from the Local Files tab.


    Select the repair option after you right-click on the BF 2042 icon.

  7. Restart Your Internet Router: 

    Restart your router and check if the issue is resolved or not.

  8. Try to soft reset your consoles.
    PlayStation:Press the Power button until the console shuts down completely. Unplug the power source for about ten seconds then plug it back in and turn on the console and check if the issue in BF 2042 is fixed or not.


    Press the power button until the console shuts down. Unplug the power source and then replug it. Turn on the Console and check if the issue in BF 2042 is fixed or not.

  9. Change the DNS of your Wifi Router:Log in with your admin credentials on the router’s web page to change the DNS. Look for the DNS server option under LAN or DHCP server settings option and Set the following DNS


    Google DNS