Xbox Live Gold Subscribers Can Claim These Three Additional Free Games

Microsoft is offering three additional free games for all Xbox Live Gold subscribers in addition to the regular lineup of games this month.

Some of the internet sleuths have managed to discover that not only are the new Games with Gold offerings available to redeem now, there are three additional games that are available for free. Best of all, these appear to work in any region so all you need is an Xbox Live Gold or Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription.

The first game is Braid. It was developed by Jonathan Blow who then went on to create The Witness. It is one of the early XBLA games.

The second game is Joe Danger 2. It was developed by Hello Games who then went on to make No Man’s Sky. It has been ported to a lot of different platforms.

The last free game is Cloning Clyde. We honestly don’t know much about it aside from the fact that it costs $4.99 but you can redeem it for free.

Two of these games are really fun and enjoyable so there is no reason to miss out on a deal when it is practically free.