Square Enix Announces 10% Base Salary Increase for Full-Time Employees In April 2023

Square Enix, the Tokyo-based video game company, has announced that it will be increasing the base salary for full-time employees starting April 2023. The average increase will be 10%, including regular salary increases. Additionally, the company plans to increase the starting salaries for new graduates by an average of 27% or 288,000 yen for new hires who have graduated from a four-year university.

Yosuke Matsuda, the President and CEO of Square Enix, emphasized the importance of creating a work environment where employees can feel secure and exercise their creativity to the fullest. Matsuda noted that this environment is crucial for sustainable growth and the company has introduced various measures in the past to achieve this goal. The base salary increase is one of these measures, aimed at creating an environment where employees can continue to focus on creating appealing content even when external factors such as price hikes change.

The new measures will be applied to Square Enix and Square Enix Holdings from April 1 of this year. The company hopes that this increase in base salary will not only benefit the employees but also lead to increased productivity and contribute to the overall growth of the company.

This move by Square Enix follows a trend of other Japanese companies increasing their salaries in an effort to retain employees and improve the overall work environment. The video game industry has been particularly competitive in recent years, with a high demand for skilled workers. This increase in base salary will likely make Square Enix a more attractive employer for those in the industry.

With the implementation of the new salary increase, Square Enix aims to continue to produce quality content and remain a leader in the video game industry.