Resident Evil Apocalypse Details Leaked, Will Be a Single-Player Focused RE Outbreak Successor

Details on Resident Evil Apocalypse appear to have leaked online, implying that it might be a single-player-focused sequel to RE Outbreak.

The reportedly leaked game materials, which reveal some of the information around the nature and scope of this project, are being shared online.

Evidence has emerged, displaying a slide from a Japanese internal presentation/pitch. Here are some of the specifics contained in this document.

  • 3rd person survival horror experience
  • “innovative partner system”
  • who is your friend or foe? (trusting system to find bioweapons in among your team)
  • unite bio2 and bio:outbreak features to create sense of dread
  • strictly sinlge player experience
  • ghost town setting
  • mimicry old folklore creatures like wendigo and goatman
  • atmosphere to invoke deep primordial fear of the unknown and terror of deep forests (like in book “Ritual”)
  • final chapter to finish stories of old characters
  • release window as of now is 2024
  • some beta-testers are looking into new systems right now
  • early stages of development

Based on the leak, this might be a pitch for a new project, thus things could/will change in the run-up to the launch. That is, assuming the development portion of this project is completed, as it is currently in the conceptual stage.

Resident Evil Apocalypse was one of the games leaked in last year’s Capcom hack. Resident Evil 4 Remake was the other.