New PlayStation IP From Deviation Games To Feature Co-Op and Solo Modes

Former Call of Duty developers had joined hands and established a new game studio, Deviation Games, which is currently working on an exclusive title for PlayStation. Although details of the game have not been disclosed, it is rumored to be a multiplayer-focused shooter that will also include solo and co-op modes. Derek Sunshine, the game’s design director, has revealed his responsibility for implementing the solo/co-op features.

This reaffirms the notion that the new game won’t solely focus on multiplayer or games as a live service, but will also offer offline components such as the ability to play the game solo. Deviation Games is one of many studios working on new IPs for Sony, along with Haven Studios. Bungie is another major acquisition by Sony, aiming to provide them with an exclusive games-as-a-service title, which they could be preparing in case Microsoft acquires Activision, the producer of Call of Duty.

Deviation Games has expressed excitement about creating an original IP with the support and creative freedom of PlayStation. The studio signed a deal with Sony Interactive Entertainment in June 2021, marking the beginning of its next chapter. The CEO of Deviation Games, Dave Anthony, described the opportunity as a dream come true, allowing the studio to build something new and innovate fearlessly.

The game’s development is underway, but it is still too early to provide specific details. Deviation Games is committed to creating something fresh and brimming with innovation, promising a huge, content-rich game with a lot of action and energy. The studio has brought on board an incredible team of over 100 Deviators, and the partnership with PlayStation has provided the studio with the support necessary to thrive.