Gran Turismo 7 Has A Ray-Tracing Mode In Addition To A 60 FPS Mode

Gran Turismo 7 will ship with multiple game modes including one that will offer improved ray-tracing and another that will support 60 FPS.

This is according to a leaked preview that has been captured on web archives. This preview reveals some details on the game from an event that was attended by the press. The preview was posted earlier but taken down, although a web archives version exists for it online.

In the preview, this specific part mentions two display modes.

Of course, the technical part of the title is also important, since it is the first first party racing game that we will see for the PS5. So according to Kaz, the GT7 on the PS5 will have two display modes, one aimed at “the highest possible frame rate”, with a ceiling of 60 fps, and one with an improved display where Ray Tracing mode is activated for improved lighting, shading and, above all, reflections on the bodies of vehicles

Gran Turismo 7 is confirmed to launch on March 4, 2022, for the PS4 and PS5.