Forspoken Load Times Are Barely A Second Long On PS5, Has Multiple Graphics Modes

During GDC 2022, Luminous Engine’s technical director gave a demonstration of some of the technologies that they have incorporated into Forspoken.

According to the technical director, Teppei Ono, Forspoken benefits from two key technologies on PS5 and PC. In the case of the PS5, they have extremely fast load times thanks to the M.2 SSD in the PS5 console. The load times are so fast that they barely last a second. Compared to the PS5, the PC version can have load times as long as 2 to 22 seconds depending on the hardware.

The PC and PS5 versions will also benefit from the AMD FSR 2.0 implementation. There are different modes available in the game including a Quality Mode and a Native 4K mode. These will offer better performance while sacrificing some visual fidelity.

PS5 boasts incredibly fast load times due to the dedicated hardware. With a PC equipped with the M.2 SSD, players will be able to enjoy gameplay without having to worry about load times on both PS5 and PC.

The technical director for Luminous Engine also mentions how the PC version will have multiple graphics modes to enable the game to run on a variety of PC hardware. The PS5 and PC versions also support AMD FSR technology which will help with performance.

Microsoft has also helped with the development of the PC version with the Direct Storage support. A regular SSD might not compete with the load times of the PS5 version but an M.2 SSD can come quite close to it.

Forspoken will launch on October 11, 2022, for PC and PS5. It was originally slated for May 2022 but it was delayed to further polish and improve the game.