Final Fantasy XVI State of Play Surpasses 1 Million Views on YouTube in 3 Days

The recent Final Fantasy XVI State of Play, which aired on April 13, has garnered over 1 million views on YouTube within just 3 days. The highly anticipated action RPG by Square Enix has attracted worldwide attention, with fans eagerly awaiting details on the game’s dark fantasy setting, powerful Eikons, Dominants, and flashy battle system.

The State of Play event, which can be viewed live on Twitch or YouTube, provided 25 minutes of all-new gameplay footage, showcasing intricate details of the story, world lore, party combat, and colossal battles with new Eikons. Final Fantasy XVI is set to launch on PlayStation 5 on June 22.

During the event, Clive Rosfield’s Hideout was revealed, serving as his base camp throughout the game. Players can prepare for upcoming battles by crafting items with gathered materials or tackling training modes. The game also features side quests and Mob Hunts, where players can take on stronger enemies.


Loresman Harpocrates and Vivian Ninetales, two characters who appear in Clive’s Hideout, offer extensive knowledge about the world of Valisthea, its history, and character relationships, helping players immerse themselves in the story.

The State of Play also focused on the game’s combat system, showcasing new footage of Clive’s action gameplay, titanic clashes between the Eikons, and epic Eikonic abilities.

With the growing excitement for Final Fantasy XVI, fans will undoubtedly be tuning in for more updates and information as the release date approaches. FFXVI is confirmed to arrive on June 22 and will release exclusively for the PS5.