Final Fantasy XVI Producer Shares Technical Details on Graphics and Frame Rate Modes

At PAX East 2023, Final Fantasy XVI’s producer, Naoki Yoshida, revealed some exciting news about the highly anticipated game. The game will feature near instant load times and a Frame Rate mode that targets 60fps with some compromises to image quality.

The game will have two performance modes: a Graphics mode that targets 30fps while running at a resolution of 4K (2160p), and a Frame Rate mode that targets 60fps while compromising on resolution, likely to be close to 1440p.

During the demonstration, Yoshida showed that the PS5 hardware will take advantage of the game’s load times by demonstrating that a save file being loaded during gameplay takes around 3 seconds to return to gameplay. He also answered some of the burning questions from fans regarding the gameplay.

In response to a question about the use of QTEs during battles, Yoshida mentioned that Final Fantasy XVI’s boss battles are split into multiple phases. With each phase shift, there are certain changes to the environment and the boss itself. QTEs have been added to allow these phase shifts to feel “dynamic,” and there are three types of QTEs in Final Fantasy XVI, namely Attack, Evasion, and Clash.

In response to another question regarding the size of areas in Final Fantasy XVI, Yoshida said that the game features both smaller areas and larger fields. He added that the map size, design, and layout are unique to each stage.

Final Fantasy XVI follows protagonist Clive Rosfield through two important stages of his life, from his teens to his thirties. The game features two types of areas, fields, which are large open areas with towns and settlements, and stages, which are more linear, dungeon-like areas. The game also has a hub area, the Hideaway, where Clive can return between his adventures. The Hideaway includes an item shop, a blacksmith, and an Arete Stone, which lets players replay stages or practice their combat skills. The majority of side quests start from the Hideaway.

Finally, Yoshida revealed that everything shown in the game is running in real-time, and more information on RPG elements is coming in April.