FF IV Pixel Remaster Gets A Release date For PC And Mobile

Final Fantasy IV’s 2D Pixel Remaster will be released on September 9 for PC and mobile devices, as announced by Square Enix.

There will be several minor enhancements and adjustments made in the Final Fantasy IV’s Pixel Remaster. The 2D pixel graphics of the game have been readjusted for the current technology, and Nobuo Uematsu has rearranged the soundtrack himself for the remake.

Final Fantasy IV’s Pixel Remaster’s gameplay will also be improved. The remake will make the combat a little smoother by using the latest controls for controller players, a more modern UI, and auto-battle settings. There are several quality-of-life enhancements also added in the game, such as a bestiary, inclusion of a music player, and the option to save in-game at any time, according to Square Enix.

A 20% discount, two exclusive wallpapers, and three specially rearranged series tracks: The Red Wings, Battle 2, and Final Fantasy IV’s Main Theme will be given as a bonus to those who pre-order Final Fantasy IV for PC. Final Fantasy V remaster and Final Fantasy VI remaster will also be produced by Square Enix in near future.