Dead by Daylight Update 2.31 Patch Notes – What’s New?

A new update 2.31 of Dead by Daylight is now available. Here are all the changes and bug fixes added to this patch.

Dead by Daylight update 2.31 has been released today for PC, PS4, PS5. and Xbox One. This is the Official patch version 5.002.200 for Dead of daylight. This update includes some gameplay changes, performance enhancements, and several bug fixes. There are still several issues that players are experiencing and some of them will be fixed with this patch 2.31. Here are all the details of Dead by Daylight update 2.31.

Dead By Daylight Update 2.31 Patch Notes:

Here are the official Patch Notes of Dead by daylight update 2.31:

Updated Content: 

  • Reverted the pallet to the old visuals.

Bug Fixes

Fixed an issue that caused several Cenobite scoring events to incorrectly count as Bonus BP. Also, addressed an issue with the Nemesis’ move speed while charging Level 3 Tentacle Strike.

Fixed an issue that caused the Survivor models in a lobby to not always reflect what the other Survivors selected. Also, addressed an issue that caused players to not always receive disconnection penalties when leaving a match as Killer.

Fixed an issue that may cause a loss of momentum when changing directions during a lunge attack when playing as the Cenobite. Fixed an issue that caused the Cenobite’s chase music not to restart after using Summons of Pain during a chase.

Fixed an issue that caused the Cenobite’s Lament Guardian score event to be counted in an incorrect category. Also, addressed a bug that caused a grunt sound effect to be played when switching to the Cenobite when spectating a custom game.

Fixed an issue that a “generator completed” sound notification to play when switching between Victor and Charlotte or when switching spectated players. Fixed an issue that caused the Engineer’s Guild archive quest not to progress.

Fixed an issue that caused two hooks too close to one another at the east stairs in the Resident Evil map. Also, addressed a problem that caused one side of the pallet in Gideon Meat Plant can’t be destroyed by the killer,

Fixed an issue where the Cenobite’s Gateway SFX continues to play after triggering the attack. Fixed an issue that caused the chain hunt to start notification sound to trigger when switching to a survivor’s perspective while spectating.

Fixed several misaligned banners in the Store. (PC only) Fixed an issue with 4K resolution being enabled by default for some players, sometimes resulting in a performance drop

Addressed a possible softlock when spamming the ESC key during the loading screen. Fixed an issue with the Grade Reset popup not opening if the date changed while the Game is still opened. Fixed a crash in the Tally screen related to the Season End Grade Reset.

Dead by Daylight is now available on PC, PS4, PS5, and Xbox One.