ARMORED CORE VI FIRES OF RUBICON Vinyl Soundtrack Set Available for Pre-Order

The immersive world of ARMORED CORE VI FIRES OF RUBICON extends beyond the screen and into the realm of music with the announcement of a four-vinyl soundtrack set, now available for pre-order. This unique collection encapsulates the atmospheric and intense music that defines the game’s mech combat experiences, offering fans a new way to immerse themselves in the game’s universe.

Composed by FromSoftware, Inc., the soundtrack set features the work of renowned composer Kota Hoshino, along with contributions from Shoi Miyazawa and Takashi Onodera from the studio’s sound team. Spanning over two hours of listening time, the 47 tracks evoke the intensity of dynamic mech battles on the remote planet of Rubicon 3, capturing the essence of the game’s dramatic and action-packed narrative.

This limited-edition set comes with an exclusive ARMORED CORE VI FIRES OF RUBICON slipmat, enhancing the collector’s value. The record sleeve and labels are adorned with the game’s key artwork, making it not just an auditory but also a visual treat for fans and collectors. The vinyl set is exclusively available through the Bandai Namco Entertainment online store, with pre-orders set to ship in time for the holiday season, and the release date scheduled for December 15.

ARMORED CORE VI FIRES OF RUBICON is a significant return for the mech action game franchise, earning critical acclaim and being hailed as one of the best in the series. The game’s storyline revolves around Coral, a mysterious new substance discovered on Rubicon 3. Initially seen as a breakthrough for humanity’s technological advancement, Coral instead triggers a catastrophic event, engulfing the planet and surrounding stars in flames and storms. Nearly half a century later, as Coral re-emerges on the now-contaminated Rubicon 3, various factions vie for control of this powerful substance.

Players step into the desolate world of Rubicon 3 as an independent mercenary, navigating through the chaos of corporate struggles and rogue factions. The game offers a rich narrative and immersive gameplay experience, complemented by both English and Japanese voiceovers, and text localizations in multiple languages.