Alan Wake Remastered New Visuals Shine In Screenshot Comparison

Alan Wake Remastered will be released later in the fall of 2021. This comparison is based on screenshots from the remaster shared by Amazon UK.

While the Amazon UK page that had shared these screenshots is now down, we have saved the screenshots and published them here. In the comparison, you can see how the new remaster alters the look. The character models are arguably the most apparent update, but there are other enhancements as well.

There were also some additional screenshots. They are most likely from the game, and at first sight, they don’t appear to be that different, but we shouldn’t leap to conclusions just soon, and instead wait for an official gameplay announcement and maybe a video comparison.

Alan Wake Remastered will be released for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series, and PC. It is planned for Fall 2021.



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