Zelda: Tears of The Kingdom | Fire Temple Guide

Embark on a challenging quest in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom as you venture into the treacherous Fire Temple, seeking to put an end to the plaguing affliction of the Goron people.

However, traversing this dungeon requires fireproof or fire-resistant gear to overcome its fiery obstacles. Fear not, for this comprehensive guide is here to assist you in navigating the Fire Temple and conquering its fierce boss, Marbled Gohma. From reaching the temple and unlocking its locks to defeating the formidable boss, every step is covered to ensure your success. And if you’re ready for another thrilling puzzle-solving adventure, be sure to check out our guide on How To Complete the Lightning Temple Puzzle in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. Equip yourself with knowledge and courage as you embark on this epic journey. Good luck, brave adventurer!

Zelda: Tears of The Kingdom – Fire Temple:

How to Get to the Fire Temple

To reach the Fire Temple, you must first travel to Goron City and complete the “Yunobo of the Goron” quest. This quest involves a minecart ride up Death Mountain and a boss fight. The entrance to the Fire Temple is located in Death Mountain’s depths. Fire Temple Chests Throughout the Fire Temple, you will come across several chests containing useful items. Here is a list of the chest contents:

  • 10 arrows
  • Zonaite shield
  • Diamond
  • 10 arrows
  • 10 arrows
  • 10 arrows
  • Ruby
  • Mighty Zonaite shield
  • 10 arrows
  • Soldier IV reaper

Starting the Fire Temple As you approach the temple, talk to Yunobo and utilize his ability to break down the rock blocking the entrance. Inside the temple, you will find small rooms on both sides. The room on the left contains metal weapons, while the room on the right holds a chest with 10 arrows. After interacting with the altar in the center of the temple, you will notice five locks preventing further progress. A teleport point will also become available. To unlock the locks, you must ride the minecarts around the temple and use Yunobo’s ability to hit gongs. Unlocking the Five Fire Temple Locks While you can tackle the locks in any order, following a linear progression is recommended. Here are the steps to unlock each lock:

First Fire Temple Lock

  1. Head south from the main corridor and cross the lava using the floating platforms and the hydrant.
  2. Hop on the minecart and fire Yunobo into the switch to change the track direction.
  3. After the minecart stops, grab a hydrant and head left to find a fire-like enemy and a breakable rock.
  4. Defeat the fire-like enemy and obtain a strong Zonaite shield from the chest.
  5. Use the hydrant to create rock slabs and connect them to make a ramp for Yunobo.
  6. Hit the gong with Yunobo to activate the first lock.
  7. Return to the room where you left your minecart and climb up the wall to find an optional chest containing a diamond.

Second Fire Temple Lock

  1. Hit the yellow switch to raise the blockade, allowing your cart to proceed.
  2. Ride the cart, defeating any constructs in your way.
  3. Stop the cart at a corner to open a chest with 10 arrows.
  4. Hit the nearby mechanism to flip the cart around instantly.
  5. Proceed forward, ensuring Yunobo hits the round track swapper to change the cart’s direction.
  6. Hit a switch to rotate the tracks and lift the barrier.
  7. Defeat the construct to obtain a chest with 10 arrows.
  8. Ride the minecart back to the platform and prepare for the next lock.

Third Fire Temple Lock

  1. Instead of riding the minecart back to the other side, hit the switch with Yunobo to go up a floor.
  2. Reach a workshop-like area with multiple carts and tracks.
  3. Defeat the construct and hit the yellow switch to create an elevator, facilitating movement between floors.
  4. Collect Zonai capsules containing rockets and hydrants.
  5. Use a rocket to jump the gap in the tracks heading southwest.
  6. Defeat the enemies in your path and continue riding the minecart to the next area. 7. Look for a switch that changes the track direction and hit it with Yunobo.
  7. Ride the minecart to the end, defeat any enemies in your way, and hit the gong to activate the third lock.

Fourth Fire Temple Lock

  1. Ride the minecart back to the workshop-like area where you hit the yellow switch to create an elevator.
  2. Take the elevator up to the higher level and head to the eastern side.
  3. Use the rockets from the Zonai capsules to launch yourself across the large gap in the tracks.
  4. Defeat the enemies and continue along the path until you reach a room with multiple switches and platforms.
  5. Activate the switches in the correct order to align the platforms and create a path for Yunobo to reach the gong.
  6. Hit the gong to activate the fourth lock.

Fifth Fire Temple Lock

  1. Return to the main corridor and ride the minecart back to the central area with the altar.
  2. Take the minecart that leads to the northern section of the temple.
  3. Defeat the enemies and continue riding the minecart until you reach a room with multiple gongs and a locked gate.
  4. Use Yunobo’s ability to hit the gongs in the correct sequence to unlock the gate.
  5. Ride the minecart through the now-opened gate and defeat the enemies that appear.
  6. Hit the final gong to activate the fifth lock.

Defeating Marbled Gohma After unlocking all five locks, return to the central area and interact with the altar once again. This will trigger the appearance of Marbled Gohma, the boss of the Fire Temple. Here are some tips to defeat Marbled Gohma:

  • Look for the boss’s eye, which will glow red. This is its weak spot.
  • Use arrows or other long-range weapons to shoot the eye when it opens.
  • Once the eye is hit, Marbled Gohma will be stunned, allowing you to approach and attack it directly.
  • Repeat this process, avoiding its attacks, until Marbled Gohma is defeated.

By following these steps and strategies, you should be able to navigate the Fire Temple, unlock its locks, and defeat Marbled Gohma in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. Good luck with your adventure!

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