Where To Find Vincent The Frostbringer in V Rising?

Several players aren’t been able to find the location of Vincent The Frostbringer in V Rising. Here’s where to find Vincent The Frostbringer.

The best way to find any boss in VR is by following their blood trail. Vincent is a level 40 boss so you must be prepared before you start your journey of finding him, Players are finding it difficult to find this boss so we have made this guide to tell you how to find Vincent the Frostbringer in V Rising.

V Rising – Vincent The Frostbringer:

Here’s how to find Vincent The Frostbringer in VR:

  • You can find Vincent The Frostbringer in Dunley Farmlands.
  • He can be found near Militia camp or Militia Encampment places in the Dunley Farmlands’ center section.
  • Interact with the Blood Altar in your base or castle.
  • At this moment you must have an Altar in-game, however, if you don’t have it you must get it through:
  • Complete the Getting Ready for the Hunt quest and level up your gear to level 15.
  • You will also need 180 stones and 10 Blood Essence to construct it.
  • Select Vincent The Frostbringer and Track Blood after interacting with the Altar.
  • Begin following the faint blood traces, which should lead you to Dunley Farmlands and his location.
  • You can fight it after you find him.