Where To Find The Assault Rifle in The Callisto Protocol?

Assault Rifle is one of the best weapons available in the Callisto Protocol. Here’s how to find the Assault Rifle in the CP!

The Callisto Protocol is the next scary survival game. Jacob Lee, a Black Iron Prisoner, fights zombie waves. Escaping jail and battling monsters is dangerous. Therefore, ready for combat. The game offers several helpful weapons. You’ll obtain weapon designs more frequently than weapons. Schematics can print weapons. The Callisto Protocol requires an assault rifle like other games. This guidebook covers everything about this firearm.

The Callisto Protocol – Assault Rifle Guide:

Here’s how to get the assault rifle in the CP:

  • The Shiv, Melee Axe, Stun Baton, Hand Cannon, GRP, Skunk Gun, Riot Gun, and Tactical Pistol must be obtained before the Assault Rifle.
  • These weapons unlock as the narrative proceeds.
  • Complete the Callisto Protocol Colony section to get the Assault Rifle.
  • This may be the solution.
    • Your Colony quest will take you to the Slums.
    • Cargo containers indicate the right location.
    • Climb the ladder.
    • You locate this ladder last.
    • Enter “General Store.”
    • Leave the building on the left by following the Main Street signage.
    • That view shows a single chamber with a pulsing light source.
    • Enter the area and take the Assault Rifle Schematic from the Callisto Protocol counter.
    • Build an upgrade station using Blueprints.
    • The Callisto Protocol UJC Special Ops “Assault Rifle” requires 1000x Credits to produce.
    • After getting the Schematics, and construct the infrastructure at a local upgrade station.
    • The Callisto Protocol UJC Special Ops “Assault Rifle” requires 1000x Credits to produce.

Assault Rifle Enhancements:

  • High Capacity Magazine Upgrade – Pay 500x Credits to increase Ammo Capacity.
  • Magnum Rounds Damage Upgrade – Pay 1500x Credits to increase Damage
  • Stability Upgrade – Pay 4500x Credits to reduce Recoil
  • TK63 Homing Rounds – Pay 4500x Credits to add an alt-fire mode that fires efficient ammunition.