Where to Find Belly Drum TM In Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

If you are wondering where you can find Belly Drum TM in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, then we have some tips for you.

The attack boost it gives makes it a valuable asset for taking down 6-Star Tera Raid Pokemon, and Azumarill and Iron Hands are the two Pokemon most frequently seen using Belly Drum. Unfortunately, these two Pokemon do not learn Belly Drum naturally, so players must find a TM to teach it to them.

How to Get the Belly Drum TM in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet?

Here’s how to get the Belly Drum TM in Pokemon SV:

  • Belly Drum is an incredibly powerful move in the Pokemon franchise.
  • It is a Normal-type move that doubles the user’s Attack stat, making it one of the strongest damaging moves in the game.
  • Unfortunately, it is not available as a Technical Machine (TM) in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, but Iron Hands and Hariyama can learn it by leveling up
  • Iron Hands is able to learn Belly Drum at level 84, while Hariyama can learn it at level 26.
  • The Remembering Moves feature can be used if Pokemon are already above that level and do not know Belly Drum.
  • Remembering Moves is a way for players to teach their Pokemon moves that weren’t available in previous generations.
  • This feature can be found in any Pokemon Center, where the player can trade a Heart Scale for any move that corresponds to the Pokemon’s type.

How to Teach Belly Drum to Azumarill?

  • To get Belly Drum on a Pokémon such as Azumarill, Slowpoke, Teddiursa, Skwovet, or Eiscue, you first need to acquire the Mirror Herb.
  • This can be done by completing a sidequest where you deliver presents to NPCs around Galar.
  • Once you have the Mirror Herb, give it to the desired Pokémon.
  • Next, remove all Pokémon from your party besides the desired Pokémon and a Hariyama or Iron Hands that knows Belly Drum.
  • This is important as Belly Drum will not transfer to the Pokémon if there are any other Pokémon in the party.
  • Afterward, delete a move from Azumarill’s arsenal so it only knows three attacks.
  • This is because Belly Drum requires four moves to be able to transfer over.
  • Lastly, open a picnic with the two Pokémon. After a few seconds, Belly Drum will transfer to Azumarill, allowing them to have access to this powerful move.
  • It is important to note that Belly Drum does not always transfer successfully, so you may need to try again a few times before it works.