V Rising | How To Beat Terah The Geomancer in V Rising?

V Rising has many bosses that players will need to defeat in the game’s story and one of them is Terah the Geomancer. Here’s how to defeat it.

Terah The Geomancer is one of the main bosses in VR, and you will have to defeat it to progress through the story. So in this guide, we will tell you how to beat Terah The Geomancer in VR.

V Rising – Terah The Geomancer Boss Fight:

Here’s how to defeat it:

  • First of all, you will have to locate the boss. You will find Terah The Geomancer roaming the Bedrock Pass, which is located on the northeast edge of Dunley Farmlands.
  • You must concentrate on the attack patterns of this boss to easily defeat it.
  • Ground Stomp is one of the attacks that Terah The Geomancer uses at you. But you get a lot of time to avoid it due to the slow attack animation.
  • The boss also transforms into a golem and summons several minions to assist him. You must kill the minions first.
  • The boss transforms between its regular and Golem forms so you only have to deal with the minions in the whole battle.
  • You must use melee attacks as they are more useful as compared to ranged attacks. Get behind the boss to avoid the boss’s melee attacks.
  • Terah, the Geomancer will create spikes from the earth inside an AoE, but you will be able to see it coming and avoid it.
  • Another AoE assault is raining stones; avoid the AoE. Keep your distance and mostly employ ranged attacks to easily defeat Terah the Geomancer in V Rising.