Tower of Fantasy | What Are Scenic Points | Locations of All The Astra Scenic Points

There are many Scenic points you can find in the Tower of Fantasy. So here is a complete guide on the location of all the Astra Scenic points in the Tower of Fantasy.

Tower of Fantasy is widely considered to be the most financially successful mobile game ever released. It should be no surprise that the game has amassed such a wide following given that it has visuals of such high quality, an expansive world, and an intriguing narrative. A comprehensive overview of the Tower of Fantasy Astra Scenic Details has been posted on our website.

What Are the Scenic points in TOF?

If players have fulfilled specific objectives inside the game, they will have the opportunity to get entry to the Tower of Fantasy terminal. In this brand-new area, you may be eligible to get freebies such as images shot by other travelers. Have some fun as you’re wandering throughout Astra to collect these photographs for your own travel log.

The Location Of All The Astra Scenic Points In The Tower Of Fantasy

There are total 5 Scenic points you can find in TOF:

  • Mega Arena:

    • Once you have arrived at the Astra Omnium Tower, go in the direction of the Football Field to the southeast.
    • Your next step is denoted by a break in the fences as well as a cluster of trees.
    • After exiting this door, continue walking forward in a straight line until you reach a viewpoint.
  • Astra Shelter:

    • When the game first starts, you should immediately use the rapid travel option to make your way to the Astra Shelter Spacerift as quickly as possible.
    • Once you have arrived, you will find that your starting point is on an Emergency Treatment Capsule, which can be reached by going to the west and climbing the hill.
    • After that, on the left side, you will be able to see the “eye” of the earth.
  • Ring of Echoes:

    • When you transmit your signal, you should proceed in an easterly direction in order to reach the Southern Ring Ranges.
    • You may improve your dexterity by using the facility that is located in a pillar close to the Astra Burial Ground.
    • This apex acts as the perspective point for the whole structure.
  • Northern Ring Ranges:

    • Leave the Shetler’s foyer and make your way to the Sanctuary in the Spacerift as soon as possible.
    • You should now turn to the east and climb the slope that is on your left.
    • The viewpoint is located quite high up, on top of the Glowshroom mushroom.
  • Tomb of Thorns Astra Scenic points:

    • The Southern Ring Ranges Spacerift is where you want to end up, and from there you should go in a southeasterly direction.
    • Continue on until you get to the spot where a lot of enormous plants that slither about on the ground surround the primary field.
    • The structure known as The Scenic is supported by a base of creeping plants.