Thymesia | How To Level Up Your Stats?

It’s very necessary to level up your stats in Thymesia, but several players don’t how to do it. So here’s how to level up your Stats!

When you know the tricks of the trade, leveling up a stat in Thymesia is a breeze. You probably already know how to level up a stat if you’ve played prior games like Thymesia. However, if you are unfamiliar with role-playing games in general, it is probable that you were confused about how to advance in levels. You will find many different types of enemies to defeat in Thymesia and some little puzzles to solve. If you’re curious about how to advance in Thymesia, read on!

How to level up your stats in Thymesia?

This is how you can level up in Thymesia:

  • Games like Dark Souls and Bloodborne are clear inspirations for Thymesia. And its leveling system, too, is remarkably like that of video games.
  • Acquiring Memory Shards is required for level advancement.
  • To get these Memory Shards, you must first vanquish your foes.
  • Once you have enough Memory Shards, you may use them at beacons or unique seats. There, you’ll be able to use it toward improving a variety of character traits.
  • Keep in mind that the price tends to increase exponentially as you go through the levels. As a result, amassing a large stockpile of Memory Shards is essential.
  • You’ll get Talent points when you level up, too. These may be used to acquire new skills.
  • In addition, if you die, your Memory Shards will fall to the ground at your location, and you will have to retrieve them again.
  • You may increase the levels of three distinct categories of qualities. (Force, Health, and Pestilence)