The Smurfs 2: The Prisoner of the Green Stone | Trophies Guide

The Smurfs 2: The Prisoner of the Green Stone has been released, and it features several trophies and achievements for the players to unlock in the game. Here’s a list of all of them.

In this fun video game made by OSome Studio and released by Microids, players explore the Smurfs’ lively world. Join Handy, Storm, and other adorable Smurf friends on an exciting journey to discover the secrets of the Green Stone. As you travel through Smurf Forest, Snowy Mountains, and the Burning Volcano, you’ll face various challenges, puzzles, and tricky creatures that will test your skills. This guide will help you understand the story and find all the achievements and trophies in the game. So keep reading it till the end to find out all the details!

The Smurf 2: The Prisoner of The Green Stone – Trophies/Achievements List:

There are a total of 37 trophies/achievements in the game and here’s the list of all the trophies and achievements and how to unlock them:

Main Story Achievements:
SmurfinatorObtain all the trophies.
Let’s take a walk in the woods…Complete the Smurf Forest level.
Conquer the mountain!Complete the Snowy Mountains level.
Flee, poor Smurfs!Complete the Burning Volcano level.
Double-dealingBeat the double created by Stolas.
Slimy kissesBeat the CrystoToad.
Prison No BreakBeat Stolas.
And his name is Zosimos…Beat Stolas on “Challenge” difficulty.
Level-Specific Achievements:
Spring cleaningCompletely decrystallize the Smurf Forest level.
Crystalline frostCompletely decrystallize the Snowy Mountains level.
The floor is lavaCompletely decrystallize the Burning Volcano level.
Challenge Achievements:
A study in scarletFind all the replayable challenges.
King of the ForestComplete all the Smurf Forest challenges on “Gold” difficulty.
The Gold MountainComplete all the Snowy Mountain challenges on “Gold” difficulty.
Hot stuffComplete all the Burning Volcano challenges on “Gold” difficulty.
Becoming MidasAchieve a “Gold” difficulty for a replayable challenge.
Hear, feel, think…Achieve a “Crystal” difficulty for a replayable challenge.
Improvement Achievements:
Odds and endsImprove the SmurfoMix.
Intrepid adventurerObtain all of Storm’s “crystal” type improvements.
Happy idiotObtain all of Dimwitty’s “crystal” type improvements.
Two-telligentObtain all of Brainy Smurf’s “crystal” type improvements.
Trust me, I’m an engineerObtain all of Handy Smurf’s “crystal” type improvements.
Get to the pointObtain all of the Green Stone’s “crystal” type improvements.
StickAll everywhereObtain all of the “crystal” type improvements for the StickAll substances.
Push me excuse youObtain all of the “crystal” type improvements for the PushAll substances.
Catch as catch can!Obtain all of the “crystal” type improvements for the CatchAll substances.
Gameplay Achievements:
Eye of the LynxHit a weak spot from more than 80 m when playing Storm.
Carrot cakeGather at least 10 CrystoBeasts in the same place when playing Dimwitty.
The Apprentice SmurfBeat at least 10 CrystoBeasts with the alchemical vial when playing Brainy Smurf.
Ex MachinaBeat at least 30 CrystoBeasts during the TurboMix when playing Handy Smurf.
Come back to EarthCompletely entangle a CrystoShift with the StickAll substance.
Talk to the handBeat a CrystoSlap by shooting it into the void using the PushAll Substance.
Catch them all!Target 8 enemies with the CatchAll Substance.
Release the pressureOverheat the SmurfoMix once!
Miscellaneous Achievements:
VanitiesEquip a cosmetic.
The lurking fearBeat 1000 CrystoBeasts.
NumismatistCollect 1 million essences of nothingness.

That’s all there is to know about how to unlock all the trophies and achievements in The Smurfs 2: The Prisoner of the Green Stone.

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