The Last Faith | Trophies/Achievements

Embark on a haunting and challenging journey through the unholy amalgamation of Metroidvania and soulslike genres in “The Last Faith.”

Developed by Haemimont Games and published by THQ Nordic, this dark and atmospheric game thrusts players into a merciless and precise combat experience, featuring a vast range of customizable executions. As Eryk, the protagonist, navigates a gothic landscape filled with brutal enemies and formidable bosses, armed with a formidable arsenal of melee weapons, arcane spells, and long-range firearms. This comprehensive guide will assist you in unraveling the secrets, conquering challenging battles, and unlocking all trophies and achievements in this atmospheric and brutal adventure.

The Last Faith: Trophies/Achievements List

Here’s everything you need to know about how to unlock all the trophies/achievements in The Last Faith

General Tips:

  1. Precise Combat: Master the art of merciless and precise combat. Learn enemy patterns, execute precise attacks, and utilize a vast arsenal of weapons.
  2. Exploration: Embrace nonlinear exploration. Uncover hidden paths, upgrade your tools, and immerse yourself in the gorgeous pixel art depicting a gothic landscape.
  3. Upgrade Arsenal: Discover and upgrade a formidable range of melee weapons, arcane spells, and long-range firearms. Experiment with different combinations to suit your playstyle.
  4. Storyline: Immerse yourself in Eryk’s cursed mission. Unravel the narrative, interact with ancient religions, and confront formidable bosses to uncover the truth.

Trophy/Achievement List:

The Last FaithUnlocked all trophies for The Last Faith.
Colossus SlayerDefeat the Giant Patron.
A Doctor’s DemiseDefeat Dr. R. Hermann.
The Crypt HorrorDefeat Edwyn the Shadowscourge Horror.
Duo of DestructionDefeat Yegor and Leena.
Revenge of the FallenDefeat Leena.
Ashes of the BurnedDefeat the Burnt Apostate.
Starlight’s BaneDefeat the Starlight Beast of Illygarth.
Night’s EndDefeat Lisa.
NemesisDefeat the first Starborn Nighthunter.
CursebreakerDefeat Manfredd the Accursed.
Sins of the FatherDefeat the Old Wymond.
The Beast WithinDefeat the Cold One Beast.
Keepers of the SecretDefeat Caterina and Annabella.
InsomniaDefeat the Harbinger of Nightmare.
Forbidden KnowledgeDefeat Nyxaroth the Eldritch Wight.
False God FelledDefeat Lord Laddak.
The Silenced VoiceDefeat Medeya.
Broken WingsDefeat the Winged Pale Laments.
Terror of IllygarthDefeat the Voracious Terror.
Hunter of HuntersDefeat the second Starborn Nighthunter.
A Promise BrokenAcquire every Sepolcro.
Architect of KnowledgeDeliver all of the blueprints to Mariano.
TranscendenceUse the Stigma of Transcendence.
The ExpertLevel up one stat to 50.
ApothecaryAcquire all Healing Holsters.
Fully LoadedAcquire all Federal Era Belts.
A Hunger, SatedFinish Aldrich’s quest.
Child’s PlayFinish Madelyne and Theodora’s quest.
Bell of the BallFinish Lady Annika’s quest.
Blessed TeacupFinish Helenya’s quest.
Till Death Do Us PartFinish Lucyl’s quest.
Nighttide AccompliceDeliver all the dried livers to Lady Dorothea.
A Secret Well KeptDeliver all the Unborn of the Midnight Aristocracy to the Woman in Ink.
Weapon HoarderAcquire all primary weapons.
Armed to the TeethAcquire all firearms.
The StargazerAcquire all spells.
Wealthy WandererSpend over 50,000 Nycrux.
Master SmithUpgrade any primary weapon to its maximum level.
Dual Arsenal AceUpgrade any secondary weapon to its maximum level.
A Gravitational GraspAcquire the Gravitational Ring.
The Long Arm of NovaAcquire the Nighthunter’s Grappling Claw.
Closing The GapAcquire the Propulsion Boots.
Tech SavvyAcquire the Technological Lens.
MetamorphosisAcquire the Celestial Larva.
Esk’s SecretAcquire both of Esk’s eyes.
Chronicles UnveiledFind all notes.
SlayerKill 100 enemies.
ExecutionerPerform 30 execution moves.
Parry MasterParry 50 incoming attacks.
Hail to the KingAccept the Throne.
Embrace the Cosmic VoiceBe consumed by the Cosmic Voice.
All Will Be RevealedReach the true ending.

Dive into the twisted world of The Last Faith, where every step is a battle and every victory a step towards salvation or damnation. This guide will aid you in conquering the challenges, defeating powerful bosses, and unlocking every trophy and achievement in this brutal metroidvania soulslike adventure.