Splatoon 3 | List of All The Best Weapons Available

A summary of the most effective weapons to use in the Splat Zone side mission in Splatoon 3 can be seen below in this guide. So keep reading!

Splat Zone is the name of one of the side-missions that may be played in Splatoon 3. It is essential to your success in these games that you be aware of which of your weapons does the most damage. It is necessary for you to enter this area and make use of your weapons in order to expel the adversaries that are present here. Because of this, you’re going to require weapons that have a strong punch and a good range. We have accumulated a few different rifles that, in our opinion, perform well when used in this manner.

Best Weapons To Use In Splat Zone:

This is the list of the best weapons you can use in Splat Zone:

  • Splattershot
  • .52 Gal
  • Splat Roller

1.  Splattershot

Range: 50

Damage: 47

Fire rate: 60

The Splattershot seems to be well-balanced given that it has a respectable range and does respectable damage to adversaries.

Sub Weapon: With this gun, your bomb serves as your backup offensive option. They will adhere to whatever surface you throw them towards, and then two seconds after you let off the trigger, they will explode.

Special:  When you press ZR, you will get three ink bursts, and you will have the opportunity to utilise each burst three times.

2.  .52 Gal

Range: 55

Damage: 75

Fire rate: 25

Even though it has a sluggish shooting rate and does a lot of damage, this rifle is still the best in the game.

Sub Weapon: It is protected by a unique barrier that is impenetrable to assaults launched by hostile forces.

Special: It has the capacity to summon loudspeakers that will fire a laser at your foes, vaporizing everything in its path in the process.


3.  Splat Roller

Range: 48

Ink speed: 45

Handling: 55

This is the standard weapon of the Rollers class.

Sub Weapon: The Curly Bomb is its secondary form of assault. After being triggered, it will move in a straight path, leaving an ink mark behind it until it comes into contact with a barrier. It will change its course if it runs into a wall, but it will keep going until it explodes no matter what.

Special: The unique attack that it has will shield you and your companions from any harm that may come your way.