Sons Of The Forest | Achievements Guide | How To Unlock All Achievements?

In Sons of the Forest, players take on the role of a lone survivor who finds themselves stranded in a dense, mysterious forest.

The forest is teeming with dangerous creatures and unknown dangers, and players must navigate their way through the wilderness in order to survive.

One of the key features of Sons of the Forest is its survival mechanics. Players must scavenge for food and resources in order to stay alive, and they must also build shelters and other structures to protect themselves from the elements and the creatures that lurk in the forest. Here in this guide, we have listed all the achievements that you can unlock in the game.

Sons of The Forest – Achievements:

Here’s the list of all the achievements that you can unlock in Son of Forest:

Achievement Name Unlock Requirements
Survivor Survive one full day within the game.
Tradesman Build a structure with over 50 logs.
Contractor Build a structure with over 100 logs.
Pinata Blow up a Sluggy.
Mc Crafty Craft all weapons in the game.
Trusted Become a trusted player in a multiplayer game.
Every Move You Make Give a GPS Locator to Virginia.
Need a Bigger Boat Get Killed by a shark.
Architect Build a structure with over 500 logs
Badger Dig 100 holes.
Fight Demons Stay on the island.
Fought Demons Leave the island.
What Could Go Wrong? Survive 10 full days on the island.
City Planner Build a structure with over 1,000 logs.
Chivalry Is Not Dead Reach max sentiment with Virginia.
Sucker for Punishment Get kicked by a Heavy Cannibal 5 times.
Dynamo Wear a full set of Tech Armor.
Keep Your Friends Close Complete the story with every friendly NPC still alive.
1% Collect $1,000.
Fashionista Own every piece of clothing.
I Dream of Sushi Eat 20 raw fish.
This Place Isn’t So Bad Survive 25 full days on the island.
Foodie Eat one of each type of edible item in the game.
Maker Print one of every item using the 3D printer.
Collector Find and pick up 50 watches.
I Like Blisters Dig 1,000 holes.
This Can’t Be Healthy Drink 50 cans of Fi-Z.
Never Going Home Survive 50 full days on the island.