Potion Permit | How To Get The Intermediate & Advanced Fishing Rod?

Fishing is now being included in almost every game and the same is the case in Potion Permit. Here’s how to get Intermediate and Advanced Fishing Rods in Potion Permit.

Nowadays, most games include fishing mini-games. Some people prefer fishing with a reel and hook. The involvement may be rewarding. Some games will do everything to fish. Potion Permit wants you to be a true fisherman to improve your fishing rod. How to get Intermediate and Advanced fishing rods in Potion Permit.

Potion Permit – Fishing Rod:

Here’s everything you need to know about Fishing Rods:

  • This one took trial and error and games. The growing Potion Permit community discussed how to gain these upgrades.
  • We’ve played the game extensively to verify these strategies are accurate and that you can improve your rod. The Intermediate Rod is first.
  • First and second levels of the basic fishing rod you get after visiting Leano’s bait shop.
  • You must be friends with Leano and Reyner. They must fill their affinity bars once.
  • The side quest begins after 50 times fishing. You’ll get a plus sign (+) when you reach this milestone.
  • “Advanced Fishing Rod” is an intermediate sidequest.
  • I know that’s complicated, but it’s also confusing with the next fishing rod level.
  • After completing all three conditions, you’ll be requested to perform the side quest for your first-rod improvement and must gather the supplies Leono demands.
  • You’ll then have an Intermediate Rod. The last fishing rod level works similarly.
  • Once you have an Intermediate rod, you may try to capture 100 to 150 fish.
  • This creates a double plus symbol (++).
  • If you keep fishing, the word ‘MAX’ will appear above you when you reach the maximum level.
  • Leano and Reyner’s bond with you must also be strong. Complete their second friend missions.
  • Both have the third level since they have romantic possibilities, but you shouldn’t need it to enhance your rod.
  • The assignment should be re-posted. Return to Leano for a supply list.
  • Once you’ve completed the list, you’ll receive your Advanced Fishing Rod and may fish everywhere in Moonbury.