Pokemon Go | How To Get Mossy Lure Module?

You can use Lures to attract specific types of Pokemon in PG. Here’s how to get Mossy Lure Module in Pokemon Go.

Players will be able to get the Mossy Lure module during Sustainability Week as part of the event box, and it will help the Pokemon trainers to catch particular types of Pokemon. So we have made this guide to tell you how to get the Mossy Lure Module in Pokemon Go.

Pokemon Go – Mossy Lure Module:

You won’t be able to get the Mossy Lure Module for free in PG. You will have to buy it with coins from the in-game shop whenever you want to buy it. You can get Pokecoins through several ways in-game, and you can buy them directly as well.

There will be a free bundle at the in-game shop during the Sustainability week 2022 with a free Mossy Lure in the Event Box. You can place the Mossy Lure module at a Pokestop once you have it to catch different types of Pokemon such as Grass-Type pokemon, Bug-Type pokemon, and Poison Type Pokemon.

The Mossy Lure will only last thirty minutes, so you might need a little bit luck if you are trying to catch a certain type of Pokemon or complete a challenge.