Pokemon Gible: How To Get It in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl

Pokemon Gible is a dragon-type pokemon that you can catch in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl. Although it might be hard to find, there are many ways for you to get it. Here’s how!

Today we are going to talk about Pokemon GIble and how to get it. Before catching, you need some stuff to be completed, we will talk about that too. So keep reading and find all about Pokemon Gible.

Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl: Gible

The power of this Dragon and Ground Type Pokémon is sure to make your day! It has a 5.9% chance of being caught with regular Pokeballs, but it can be found if you have Sand Veil as its ability–and these guys are slow growers too; they only grow at 1 HP per evolution level domestically (making them perfect for the endgame). If that’s not enough reason alone to give Gible another shot in our quest line-up, then I don’t know what else will do the trick…

What do you need before you get Gible?

The following things you require before you get Gible:

You require HM04 Strength, HM03 Surf, and Mine Badge

First in Celeste City when you help Cynthia’s grandmother, you will get HM03.

HM04 Strength, the most powerful HM move in all of Sinnoh for those who have completed their National Pokédex is now available. To get this reward one must go through The Lost Tower found on Route 209 which lies south of Solaceon Town and up at its highest point there will be two elders waiting with a Cleanse Tag as well as an item to give out – but it can only be used once they possess the Relic Badge!

Then in Hearthome City, you will get a Relic Badge From Fatina. Next to Canalvine City, use HM03 Surf to get in route 218. Complete gym challenge.

How To Get It?

  • Go to route 206 and find Wayward Cave
  • You will have two paths to get in.
  • Go left.
  • You will find a hidden path under a cycling bridge next to a rock.
  • Use your Pokemons and start removing rocks.