Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl Tips and Guide for Elite Four

The Elite Four in Pokemon is a group of trainers that you must defeat to be able to battle the Pokemon Champion. In Diamond and Pearl, they have become even more difficult than before with new strategies and powerful pokemon.

Pokemon is a popular game franchise that has been around for many years. Each new installment brings with it a whole slew of new features, but the Elite Four is always the same four trainers who you have to battle in order to become champion. This guide will tell you in detail how to beat each member of the Elite Four and their teams so that you can become a champion yourself!

Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl – Elite Four:

To defeat the Elite Four is not a simple task. They change their pokemon types so randomly that it’s not easy to guess which pokemon will come to fight next. To defeat the Elite Four, you need at least more than level 55.

So let’s discuss some tips to defeat Elite Four:

Tips for Elite Four Aaron

The Pokemon used by the first Elite Four Aaron are:

  1. Dustox at LV.53
  2. Heracross at LV.54
  3. Vespiqueen at LV.54
  4. Beautifly at LV.53
  5. Draipon at LV.57

Aaron is the first Elite Four, but that does not make it easy. You need to prepare yourself properly before going into the battle. I recommend you to go with fire-type or solid-type pokemon for Aaron.

Tips for Elite Four Bertha

The Pokemon used by the first Elite Four Bertha are:

  1. Quagsire at LV.55
  2. Hippowdon at LV.59
  3. Sudowoodo at LV.57
  4. Whiscash at LV.55
  5. Golem at LV.56

Bertha is the second in Elite Four. She is old. She wishes to be defeated by new generation pokemon trainers. But that does not make her an easy target. To defeat her, I would recommend a general pokemon like Palkia or Lustrous Orb.

Tips for Elite Four Flint

The Pokemon used by the first Elite Four Flint are:

  1. Rapidash Lv58
  2. Inferanape LV.61
  3. Steelix Lv57
  4. Lopunny Lv57
  5. Drifblim LV.58

Flint is the third in Elite Four. Flint mostly used fire-type or steel-type. So I will recommend using water type when going against him. This is a very difficult stage, so be careful on this one.

Tips for Elite Four Lucian

The Pokemon used by the first Elite Four Lucian are:

  1. Mr. Mime LV.59
  2. Girafarif LV.59
  3. Medicham LV.60
  4. Alakazam LV.60
  5. Bronzong LV.63

Lucian is the fourth one in Elite Four. Lucian is going to be quite formidable. Lucian used the best Psychic-type pokemon, which gives a lot of damage. Lucian is very good at defense. To defeat Lucian, I recommend some Dark-type moves.

After defeating all the Elite Four, you need to defeat the Champion Cynthia. So prepare beforehand for this battle.

Tips for Elite Champion Cynthia

The Pokemon used by the first Elite Four Champion Cynthia ar

  1. Spiritomb at LV.61
  2. Garchomp at LV.66
  3. Gastrodon at LV.60
  4. Milotica at LV.63
  5. Roserade at LV.60
  6. Lucario at LV.63

After defeating all Four Elite, you need to defeat Champion Cynthia. You need a very strong team to defeat Cynthia. To counter her Spiritbomb use Gardevoir. Also, the good recommendation to use against Cynthia would be Roserade.

That’s it, after defeating Cynthia, you will be the next champion of the pokemon world. So good luck trainer.