Lost Ark | How To Get The Armored Raptor Mount?

There are several Raptor mounts that players can get in Lost Ark. Here’s how to get the Armored Raptor Mount in the Lost Ark.

In Lost Ark players can use Raptor mounts to move from one place to another and to get to their objectives quickly. Each Raptor mount has its own unique abilities and players can find different types of Raptor mounts throughout their journey in the game. As part of the Lost, Ark Twitch Drops players Amazon Prime members will be able to get Armored Raptor along with some other goodies. So Let’s take a look at how to get the Armored Raptor mount in the Lost Ark.

Lost Ark – Armored Raptor Mount:

One of the various activities that players can do in the Lost Ark is collecting mounts. Here’s how to get the Armored Raptor Mount in the Lost  Ark:

  • You must need an Amazon Prime account or trial version to get the Armored Raptor Mount in the Lost Ark.
  • After that, you will need to go to the Prime Gaming official site to claim the drop.
  • There you will find the drops that are currently available.
  • If you haven’t linked your Amazon prime account with your steam account then you must link after you select the Armored Raptor Mount.
  • You will then have the Armored Raptor Mount, press the skill button to make it run, and you will have to press the button continuously to make it work.
  • One bad thing is that it can’t jump so it means that you can’t fast travel with Armored Raptor Mount.
  • You will get some days of Crystalline Aura and a pack of Amethyst Shards along with Armored Raptor Mount through the Twitch drops.
  • The items you get will not be in your mail, you can find them in your product inventory.
  • Press the box icon to the right of the mail in the top left menu to go to product inventory.