Lost Ark | How To Get Omen Skins?

Players can change the appearance of their characters by equipping different skins in L Ark. Here’s how to get Omen Skins in Lost Ark.

Lost Ark allows you to change your character’s look by equipping new skins, however, unfortunately right now there are not many skins available in the game. So that’s why Amazon Games and Smilegate RPG are introducing new skins in the game with every new update they release for Lost Ark. There are some new skins added recently in L Ark known as Omen skins. Here in this guide, we will tell you how to get Ome Skins in Lost Ark.

Lost Ark – Omen Skins:

Omen Skins have been added in L Ark recently as part of a patch that was released recently by the developers. The Ghost Horse Mount and several other skins are also introduced along with the Omen Skins in L Ark.

You can buy these skins till the 14th of April so you must decide till then which skin you want to purchase in the game. You can go to the L Ark Database to see which skin type looks better on your character and by previewing all of them. This will help you a lot in making a decision of which skin you need to buy before they disappear in L Ark.

How To Buy New Skins:

Follow the steps mentioned below to buy new skins in L Ark:

  • First of all, you must have 2000 Royal Crystals if you want to purchase a new skin.
  • You will need another 400 Royal Crystals if you want to buy their weapon skins as well.
  • Go to the Lost Ark Shop.
  • Choose Skins and then look for the Omen Skins.
  • Click on Omen Skins to buy them.