Lost Ark | How To Fix The Server Authentication Failed Error (10010)

Lost Ark early access is now available to those who preordered it and several players are experiencing a Server Authentication issue that is not allowing them to play the game. Here’s how to fix the Server Authentication Failed Error (10010) in Lost Ark.

Those players who preordered Lost Ark got early access to the game 2 days ahead of its official release. There are different server issues encountered by the players since they got their early access. The full game is going to release on February 11, 2022, exclusively on PC. The game was first released in 2019 in the south Korean region only and now after three years, it has been released for the western regions as well. It’s an RPG MMO game and it already has gained a lot of attraction, but unfortunately, some players are not been able to play it due to Server Authentication Failed Error (10010). So here in this guide, we have listed some fixes that you can try to fix this issue in Lost Ark.

Fixes For Server Authentication Failed Error (10010) in Lost Ark:

The Sever Authentication Failed Error is stopping players to join the game. The developers have provided everyone with a single real fix for this error.

Follow the steps below to fix the Server Authentication Failed Error in Lost Ark:

  • You must check your steam integrity files.
  • After that go to the Network Connection properties and toggle IPV6.
  • Use Command to refresh your Credentials.
  • Restart the computer.

This is the only fix provided by the developers to solve the server error. But unfortunately, this fix doesn’t; solve this issue for everyone.

There’s another fix for the server authentication failed error for the Windows 10 users. Here’s how to fix this error for Windows 10 users:

  • Connect your mobile with your PC.
  • Connect your PC with your mobile’s internet network.
  • Select a server in the game and then connect your Pc to the normal internet you use.