How To Unlock All Weapons In Battlefield 2042?

If you’re a gamer, you’ve likely played the Battlefield series before. With its unique weapon customization system, it’s one of the most detailed games in terms of weapons and how they can be customized to your play style. If you want to unlock all the guns in Battlefield 2042, so that every battle is fresh and exciting, this guide will show you how!

The Battlefield 2042 game is a sci-fi first-person shooter video game released a few days ago. It has been one of the most anticipated games of the year. As being said, There are several ways for unlocking each weapon, but the most common way is by leveling up your player rank. To level up, you must complete objectives such as killing enemies or completing missions. Leveling up unlocks new weapons that you can use on the battlefield!

Unlock All Weapons in Battlefield 2042:

Here we have listed all the weapons and how to unlock them in Battlefield 2042:

Assault Rifles

M5A3 Pre-unlocked
AK-24 Reach level 11
SFAR-M GL Reach level 27
AC-42 Reach level 40

Marksman Rifles

DM7 Pre-unlocked
SVK Reach level 14
VCAR Reach level 47

Sniper Rifles

SWS-10 Pre-unlocked
DXR-1 Reach level 24
NTW-50 Reach level 60

Light Machine Guns

LCMG Reach level three
PKP-BP Reach level 32

Submachine Guns

PBX-45 Pre-unlocked
PP-29 Reach level 18
MP9 Reach level 36
K30 Reach level 53

Secondary Weapons

G57 Pre-unlocked
MP28 Reach level 17
M44 Reach level 29

Utility Weapons

MCS-880 Pre-unlocked
GVT 45-70: Reach level 21
12M AUTO Reach level 44

In the recently released Portal Mode for Battlefield 2042, players can enjoy a fun way to earn experience points while unlocking weapons. Though these are all available now in-game mode (with more likely coming soon), other future updates or downloadable content may introduce level requirements and challenges that will make it difficult if not impossible at some point during gameplay progression without buying them through actual purchases or random boxes throughout matches.  But don’t worry! All you need to do is play your heart out after enough time spent playing on any given day (and with luck), new gear should unlock automatically. In Battlefield 2042 you will gain experience points after each match and for now, that’s enough to unlock almost every weapon.

That’s how you can unlock every weapon in Battlefield 2042.