How To Two Hand Weapon In Elden Ring?

Elden Ring offers various methods to the players to use in a battle to attack their opponents. Here’s how to Two-hand weapons in Elden Ring.

You have different options to choose from to attack someone during a battle, as there are different types of attacks such as ranged attacks or sorcery attacks. However, you can mix both of them and make a powerful attack in the form of a melee attack and if you can learn how to handle your weapon with two hands then melee attacks can be more powerful. So here in this guide, we will tell you how to two hand weapons in ER.

Elden Ring – Two-Hand Weapons:

Most of the time you will be equipping a shield along with the sword in Elden Ring. However, there’s an ability that allows you to hold any weapon with both of your hands, and doing so will make your attacks more powerful.

Here’s how to Two-hand weapons in Elden Ring:

  • On Xbox press Y to two-hand a weapon, and on PlayStation press the Triangle button to do it.
  • If you need to swap, just press RB on Xbox, R1 on PlayStation, and LB (L1 on PS).
    • You can change the weapon handling mode from one hand to two-hand by pressing the above-mentioned buttons on your console.
    • You must be careful while trying this ability because there’s a chance that players two hand their shields accidentally.
  • The controls were a little bit different in the previous Elden Ring games as you only had to press the Y or triangle button to two-hand a weapon.