How to Get the Punisher in Resident Evil 4?

The Punisher is a strong firearm available in Resident Evil 4 for the players to unlock. Here’s how to unlock it in RE4 Remake!

Its ability to shoot through many foes makes it a powerful battle weapon. This article will show you how to obtain the Punisher in Resident Evil 4.

Resident Evil 4 Remake – The Punisher:

Here’s how to unlock the Punisher in RE4 Remake:

  • Reach the Farm –

The Punisher may be gained in the Farm region after finishing the village area.

  • Find the Merchant –

In the Farm area, you must find the Merchant. The Merchant is a reoccurring character that offers weapons and upgrades in the game.

  • Shoot all 15 blue medallions –

If you shoot all 15 blue medallions found throughout the Farm region, the Merchant will give you the Punisher for free. Medallions can be discovered on trees, rooftops, and other surfaces.


  • Improve the Punisher –

Once you have obtained the Punisher, you can improve it by purchasing exclusive upgrades from the Merchant. The Punisher’s power, capacity, and rate of fire will be increased as a result of these upgrades.

  • Utilize the Punisher –

The Punisher is a versatile weapon that can do significant damage while shooting through many adversaries. It can be used to take out groups of foes or to save ammo for other weapons.

The Punisher is a strong weapon won by shooting all 15 blue medallions in the Farm region in RE4. Once you have done this duty, the Merchant will offer it to you for free. The Punisher can also be upgraded from the Merchant to make it even more effective in combat. Use the Punisher to take down groups of foes while saving ammunition for other weapons.

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