How To Get Coins Fast in Mario Strikers Battle League

Nintendo has released a new Mario Strikers game called Mario Strikers Battle League. Here’s how to get coins fast in Mario Strikers Battle League.

Mario Strikers BL is a Football/Soccer video game in which each character has a unique ability. You can also buy gear and some other stuff for your characters with coins. You can get this in-game currency by completing different objectives. So we have made this guide to tell you how to get coins fast in Mario Strikers BL.

Mario Strikers Battle League – Coins:

Here’s how to get coins fast in the game:

  • You can use the coins to purchase different items and gear for your characters
  • You will also need coins to participate in Revenge Matches in Mario Strikers BL.
  • Here are some techniques which you can use to get coins fast:
    • Complete all the training missions till the end.
    • The last training match will give you 800 coins if you win it.
    • Once you complete all the training matches you can participate in different Cups and beat them to get coins.
    • You will get 400 coins when you win it for the first time.
    • If you lose or draw the race you will only get 5 coins.
    • The Champion Cup will be unlocked once you have finished the Cup Battles.
    • The Galatic Mode will be unlocked once you win it.
    • Then race in the Galatic Mode and you will get 1000 coins when you win its race for the first time.
    • Quick Battles are another quick way to earn coins in the game.
    • You will get 20 coins if you win a Solo race and you will get 10 points if you draw it and 5 if you lose it,