How To Find The Missing Pablo in Dead Island 2?

Dead Island 2 is a zombie-themed game that offers a variety of Lost & Found missions for players to complete.

One such mission involves finding the missing character named Pablo, who went missing while looking for medical supplies at Venice Beach. To start the quest, players need to interact with the Missing: Pablo poster at the Serling Hotel, which becomes available after progressing far enough in the main campaign. The quest takes players to various locations across the game map, and through the course of the mission, they will uncover Pablo’s backstory. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the steps to find Pablo in Dead Island 2, including where to find the clues and how to progress through each phase of the quest.

Dead Island 2 – Find The Missing Pablo:

Here’s how to complete Find the Missing Pablo in DI2:

Step 1: Fast Travel to Venice Beach The first step in finding Pablo is to fast travel to Venice Beach. From there, head to the Blue Crab Grill, which is located in the same place where you went to find Davis in a previous quest.

Step 2: Locate Rose’s Tattoo Parlor Once you are at the Blue Crab Grill, you need to find Rose’s Tattoo Parlor, which is situated across the street, north of the Police Station, and west of the fast-travel location. Use the button to open the doors and head inside. You will find the first clue, Need For Needles, next to the computer on the counter.

Step 3: Find Muscle Beach Nutrition To get the second clue, you need to go to Muscle Beach Nutrition, which can be accessed by taking the road to the south of the Tattoo Parlor, east of the Police Station. You will see a gym, and the Muscle Beach Nutrition shop will be right next to it. Before you can enter, you will need a circuit breaker, which can be found at the Venice Autos shop nearby. Once you have the circuit breaker, throw it over the fence and use the nearby structures to get across. Head to the back of the store to locate a shutter and follow the cables to find the circuit for the shutter. Use the circuit breaker, and then return to the shutter to open it. You will find the second clue, Protein Please, inside.

Step 4: Reach Gang Green For the final clue, you need to head to Gang Green, the local weed shop, located in the north of Venice Beach. Defeat the zombies in the area to get the keys to the shop. Use the keys to get inside Gang Green, where you will find the last clue, High Stakes, along with the revelation of Pablo’s fate.

Following these steps will help you find Pablo and complete the Lost & Found mission in Dead Island 2. Along the way, you will uncover a surprising backstory and learn more about the character’s fate in the zombie-infested world.

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