How To Feed Your Dog in Potion Permit?

Potion Permit allows you to keep pet animals like dogs, etc. Here’s how to feed your dog in Potion Permit.

A Potion Permit lets you serve people with your chemical skills, earn a stable income without working hard, and keep a dog. Those who don’t have pets may appreciate this more. Each Moonbury resident (even the cat!) and your dog have their own connection meters with you. To fill it, give them attention and food. So here in this guide, we will tell you how to feed your dog in Potion Permit.

Potion Permit – How To Feed Your Dog:

Here’s how to feed your dog in Potion Permit:

  • Unlike virtual pets, your dog needs real food.
  • You may do this by purchasing at Moonbury, cooking at home, or foraging.
  • You won’t have much money or other resources initially.
  • Buying meals every day is wasteful when you might be upgrading, so cooking shouldn’t be your first priority. Go hunting.
  • You can gather mushrooms and honey by exploring Meadow Range’s beginning.
  • You should memorize the positions of the Mushrooms since they reoccur daily at the same times. Start scything them.
  • Honeypaws, Meadow Range’s bear-like adversaries, spill tasty honey.
  • The scythe’s fast-swinging blade makes it superior to other weapons.
  • Honeypaws, which have three horizontal tiles, may drop Bear’s Claws, a potion component.
  • Before giving your dog these goods, call for them.
  • The default Whistle button is utilized for this.
  • When your dog runs up and sits at your feet, you may feed it.
  • Giving your dog what it likes might strengthen your relationship with it.
  • You can stay with mushrooms and honey until the conclusion of the game if the dog likes them.