How To Defeat And Befriend Cyclonemon in Digimon Survive?

In Digimon Survive, players will confront the mini-boss Cyclonemon in Part 3. Here’s how to defeat and befriend Cyclonemon.

As players progress through the story in DS, they will encounter Cyclonemon the mini-boss in Part 3 of the game. Players will confront this strong antagonist on a bridge along with other lesser enemies after they beat Arukenimon in Part 3. Players should guarantee that their group of Digimon fights as a unit as the monster will eliminate any lone Digimon rapidly. Players will need to be prepared for this fight and for that they will have to bring their greatest Digimon that can exploit Cyclonemon’s flaws. Here in this guide, we will tell you how to defeat Cyclonemon and befriend it in the game.

Digimon Survive – Cyclonemon:

How To Defeat:

Here’s how to defeat Cyclonemon in DS:

  • As the major vulnerability of Cyclonemon is electricity so you must use a Betamon or one of its evolutions to fight it.
  • To add a Betamon to your squad, you must find it and Befriend it.
  • During Part 1 of the game, you will encounter a Betamon in the School’s Free Bat section.
  • Cyclonemon’s fury may potentially be utilized against it by players.
  • Cyclonemon rushes and swiftly makes it to your side of the bridge when the battle begins.
  • Once the Cyclonemon does this you must advance your Digimon and surround it and begin doing damage.
  • Cyclonemon will also summon little opponents to assist him during the battle so you must be aware of your surrounding while prioritizing the boss’s damage.

How To Befriend:

  • Cyclonemon will also recur in Free Battles and chance encounters as you explore the terrain.
  • During these battles, you will have the opportunity to become friends with the Cyclonemon and add it to your squad.
  • To become friends with Cyclonemon the Dragon Digimon, you will have to chat with it and accurately respond to three of its queries.
  • Cyclonemon can be befriended in Digimon Survive if you answer the following questions correctly:
    Questions Answers
    Supreme beings can’t be understood by others. But that doesn’t mean I’m lonely or anything I get it. Me too.
    Do you like the moon? The sight of a full moon is so heartwarming, don’t you think? Reminds you of you?
    Those whose positions waver from little more than words do not amount to much.  I respect your spirit!

That’s all there is to know about how to defeat and befriend Cyclonemon in Digimon Survive.