How To Complete Spring Showers Conquests in MLB The Show 22?

There are several offline modes in MLB The Show 22 that prepare players for online competition. Here’s how to complete Spring Shower Conquests.

MLB TS22 offers players a variety of offline modes in Diamond Dynasty that helps you build your roster to compete in online competitions. The Spring Shower program is one of the limited-time conquest maps in MLB TS22 that allows you to get some nice rewards. So we have made this guide to tell you how to complete the Spring Shower program.

MLB The Show 22 – Spring Shower Conquests:

This contest is going to expire on May 20 and completing it will earn you an additional 30,000 program XP. The Blue Jays, Marlins, Diamondbacks, Astros, Brewers, and Mariners are the only six teams available in this conquest. You will have to complete a certain task within a certain turn to earn credit. So let’s take at how to complete them:

  • Goal #1:
    • Capture the stronghold of the Arizona Diamondbacks and Toronto Blue Jays before the second turn. Make a straight route for each of your strongholds using your two strongholds.
    • Rewards: A bundle of 5 The Show Packs, 600 Stubs, and 600 program XP.)
  • Goat #2: 
    • You will have to conquer 50 Territories on the Spring Shower map.
    • Rewards: 50 stubs and 150 program XP.
  • Goal #3:
    • You will need to conquer 75 territories by the 5th turn or before. As long as you stay near the middle of the map. You must make sure that you always have access to open space.
    • Rewards: Headliners set 1 pack, 100 Stubs, and 200 program XP.
  • Goal #4:
    • Get 100 million fans before finishing the Spring Showers map.
    • Rewards: Headliners set 1 pack, 100 Stubs, and 200 program XP.
  • Goal #5:
    • Capture and own 6 strongholds on the Spring Showers map including your secondary Stronghold.
  • Goal #6:
    • Conquer all Territories and fill out the Spring Showers map to unlock two more areas. Ballin’ is a habit that packs a punch in your forecast.
    • Rewards:1000 Stubs, 2000 Program XP, and Ballin’ Habit bundle

Hidden Rewards:

There are 116 spaces on this map. we have listed below the locations of all the hidden rewards:

  1. Near the bottom stronghold, you will find the Show pack.
  2. 4 spaces north of the Brewers Stronghold, you will find a Ballin habit pack.
  3. Near the west side of the map, you will find the Set 5 headliner pack near the Mariners.
  4. On the top of the Mariners’ Stronghold, you will find a show pack.
  5. Next to Marlins Stronghold, you will find a Show pack.