How to Catch Sandy Shocks in Pokemon Scarlet

If you want to know how you can catch the Sandy Shock in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet then check the full guide below.

Sandy Shocks is a new subspecies of Pokemon introduced in the Pokemon Scarlet & Violet games. Sandy Shocks are identified as either ancient or futuristic versions of the Pokemon we know today. The guide provides instructions on how to catch the Sandy Shocks Paradox Pokemon in the Scarlet game.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet: Sandy Shocks:

Here’s how to find Sandy Shocks in the form of Paradox Pokemon :

  • Sandy Shocks are a rare and elusive Pokemon that can be found in the post-game of Pokemon Scarlet.
  • To find them, the player must go to Research Station No.1 and look for them near the rocky cliffside outside the building.
  • Sandy Shocks are notoriously difficult to catch, but with perseverance, the player will be able to add this rare Pokemon to their collection.

How to Catch Sandy Shocks

  • Magneton is one of the most versatile and useful Pokemon in the game, and its new Paradox form gives it even more options.
  • The new typing gives Magneton access to moves like Earthquake and Stone Edge that it couldn’t use before while retaining its resistance to common Electric-type moves.
  • Sandy Shocks is the only Paradox Pokemon with a higher catch rate than Magneton, so it should be relatively easy to catch.