How To Assign Structures & Facilities To Different Factions in Dying Light 2?

Dying Light 2 has several new mechanisms which were not available in DL1. Here’s how to Assign Structures and Facilities to factions in Dying Light 2.

You can assign structures and facilities such as Windmills, Power stations, etc, to different factions in DL2. You must think carefully before assigning a facility to a faction because all the structures in its surrounding will be taken over by that faction that has got the control of the facility. So in this guide, we will tell you how to assign structures and facilities to various factions in DL2.

Dying Light 2 – Factions:

You will first have to assign a facility to a faction before assigning any structure because you can’t assign structures individually to different factions because that faction to whom you have assigned a facility will take over all the structures present in its surroundings.

Here is what happens when you assign a facility to the Survivor faction: 

  • The environment will be Parkour-friendly
  • you will be able to travel across the structures without any problem,

Here is what happens when you assign a facility to the Peacekeepers faction: 

  • There will be plenty of traps.
  • There will be some areas where people are always ready to kill their multiple enemies at a time.

The game’s ending will depend upon the choice you make while assigning facilities to factions. The zone you choose will have a greater number of NPC’s and missions. The missions you get and the NPC’s in your area depends upon the faction you chose in DL2.