Horizon Forbidden West | Which Difficulty Should You Choose | How To Change Difficulty Levels?

HFW has been released exclusively for PS4 and PS5 and several players are asking which difficulty they should pick before starting to play it. Here are all the details regarding the difficulty settings in Horizon Forbidden West.

HFW is the second installment in the Horizon Series while the first game Horizon Zero Dawn was released in 2017. With the release of the game, several players have started to ask questions about which difficulty is best to choose at the start of the game, and how to change difficulty in Horizon Forbidden West.

Horizon Forbidden West – Difficulty Levels:

You will come across various dangerous machines throughout your trips and on higher levels, it will be more difficult to encounter some of these machines in Horizon FW. The difficulty level you choose will have a lot of effects on several things so you must choose the difficulty level carefully.

Horizon Forbidden West has 5 different difficulty levels for all the players from which they will need to choose one. Here’s the list of all the five difficulty levels and the difference in each one of them in HFW:

  1. Story – In the Story difficulty level, the fights are not stressful allowing you to explore everything and to focus on the game’s story.
  2. Easy – You can fully explore the world and complete the story missions because the machines you encounter in the Easy difficulty level are not much difficult.
  3. Normal – You can explore the in-game world, complete the game’s story, and fight with machines without any hurdle as in Normal difficulty level everything is balanced properly.
  4. Hard – You must be ready as everything is going to be challenging and you will have some tough while playing the game at the Hard difficulty level.
  5. Very Hard – The machines you encounter will be very tough so you must prepare yourself before you choose the Very Hard difficulty in Horizon Forbidden West.
  6. Custom – That’s the sixth difficulty level which allows you to change the following options to create your own difficulty level that meets all your needs:

      Damage To Aloy
    ⊃  Enemy Health
    ⊃  Easy Loot
      Concentration Duration
      Auto Concentration
    ⊃  Auto Heal

Which Difficulty You Should Choose:

  • Normal Difficulty is best for every type of player as It allows you to explore, progress, and combat in a balanced way.
  • If you are a new gamer and don’t have much gaming experience then you must choose the easy difficulty as it will allow you to easily explore the world in-game, and progress through the story without any issue.
  • If you have played Horizon Zero Dawn and have good command on using her abilities etc then you can choose Hard or Very Hard depending upon your capabilities and gaming skills.

How To Change Difficulty:

Follow the steps listed below to change the difficulty level in Horizon Forbidden West:

  • Open the Pause menu by pressing the “Options” button on your controller.
  • Check that you have selected the ‘Game’ tab selected at the top of the screen in the settings menu.
  • You will see the Difficulty at the top of the Game tab. After that, you can change the difficulty by just selecting it and using the left and right analog stick on your controller.