Honkai Star Rail | Best Yanqing Build!

Honkai Star Rail is an exciting and popular action RPG game with many powerful characters, each with unique abilities and specializations.

Yanqing is one such character known for his incredible power in combat, specializing in dealing massive single-target damage with his ultimate ability. To unlock Yanqing’s full potential, it is essential to understand his ascension materials, light cone, relic, team composition, and trace priority. In this guide, we will provide a detailed walkthrough of how to maximize Yanqing’s damage output with the best builds and setups. With the right investments and team support, Yanqing can become an invaluable asset in any player’s arsenal.

Honkai Star Rail – Best Yanqing Build:

Here’s everything you need to know about the Best Yanqing Build in Honkai Star Rail:

Ascension Materials: To unlock the traces needed for Yanqing’s ultimate ability, Amidst the Raining Bliss, you need to ascend him to the maximum level. The following are Yanqing’s ascension materials:

  • Rank 1: Required Level 20, 4000 credits, Thief’s Instinct x5.
  • Rank 2: Required Level 30, 8000 credits, Thief’s Instinct x10.
  • Rank 3: Required Level 40, 16000 credits, Usurper’s Scheme x6, Gelid Chitin x3.
  • Rank 4: Required Level 50, 40000 credits, Usurper’s Scheme x9, Gelid Chitin x7.
  • Rank 5: Required Level 60, 80000 credits, Conquerer’s Will x6, Gelid Chitin x20.
  • Rank 6: Required Level 70, 160000 credits, Conquerer’s Will x9, Gelid Chitin x35.

Yanqing’s Light Cone: Yanqing heavily relies on critical hits to deal massive damage, and his 5-star Light Cone, Sleep Like the Dead, is the most optimal for him. This Light Cone increases the wearer’s CRIT DMG by 30%-50% and boosts their CRIT rate by 36%-60% for one turn whenever their Basic ATK or Skill doesn’t result in a CRIT Hit. This effect can only be triggered once every three turns, making it a powerful burst damage boost. However, Cruising in the Stellar Sea is an optimal free-to-play substitute, which increases the wearer’s CRIT rate and provides an additional CRIT rate against enemies with HP less than or equal to 50%. Alternatively, the River Flows in Spring Light Cone can be used to increase Yanqing’s SPD and DMG at the beginning of the battle, but its effect disappears when he takes DMG, and it resumes after the end of his next turn.

Yanqing’s Relic: As an ice elemental damage dealer, Yanqing needs a suitable set of equipment to enhance his abilities. The Hunter of Glacial Forest is the most optimal relic for him due to its ice damage increase of 10%. Its 4-piece set effect also increases Yanqing’s CRIT DMG by 25% for two turns after unleashing his ultimate, which is crucial for maximizing his damage output. Pairing it with the Space Sealing Station’s 2-piece set further boosts Yanqing’s ATK by 12%, which can reach 24% if his SPD reaches 120 or higher. Alternatively, Inert Salsotto’s 2-piece set increases Yanqing’s CRIT rate by 8%. This synergizes well with the Hunter of Glacial Forest set since Yanqing’s Ultimate and follow-up attack DMG increases by 15% when his current CRIT rate reaches 50% or higher. These equipment sets can greatly enhance Yanqing’s damage potential and make him a valuable asset in any team composition.

Yanqing’s Team Comp: Yanqing’s optimal team composition is to pair him with Tingyun and Bronya. Yanqing will serve as the main DPS character in the team, while Tingyun can provide versatile support by increasing the ATK of her allies and regenerating 50 Energy for a target ally with her ultimate skill. This can greatly benefit Yanqing in prolonged battles, allowing him to unleash his ultimate more frequently. Meanwhile, Bronya can provide additional damage with her ice elemental attacks and crowd control abilities, making her an excellent support for Yanqing. Additionally, using a character like Rosalia or Xinyan can also provide Yanqing with additional support and crowd control.

Traces Priority: Yanqing’s priority traces are his ultimate, followed by his basic attack, and lastly, his Skill. Investing in his ultimate trace is crucial as it is his most significant damage dealer. His basic attack trace should also be prioritized since it can trigger his Light Cone’s effect and maximize his critical hit rate. Yanqing’s Skill trace is the least important, but it still contributes to his overall damage output.

In short, Yanqing is a powerful character in Honkai Star Rail, and his damage potential can be maximized with the right builds, including his ascension materials, light cone, relic, team composition, and traces a priority. With the right investment and support, Yanqing can deal massive single-target damage and be a valuable asset in any team composition.

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