Hogwarts Legacy | How To Complete Well, Well, Well Side Quest?

The “Well, Well, Well” side quest is one of the many side quests available in Hogwarts Legacy.

This quest involves finding and retrieving a stolen item from a well in the Forbidden Forest. Here is a detailed guide on how to complete the “Well, Well, Well” side quest!

Hogwarts Legacy – Well, Well, Well Side Quest:

Here’s how to complete the Well, Well, Well Side quest in Hogwarts Legacy:

  1. Activate the Quest: To start the quest, you need to speak with a student named Pelly in the Forbidden Forest. Pelly will inform you that her favorite necklace has been stolen and thrown into a well in the forest. Agree to help her retrieve the necklace, and the quest will activate.
  2. Locate the Well: The well can be found in the Forbidden Forest, near the entrance to the Cursed Vaults. Use your map to locate the well or follow the trail of blue sparks that lead to the well.
  3. Retrieve the Bucket: Once you arrive at the well, you will see that the bucket used to retrieve water from the well is missing. You need to find a new bucket to retrieve the necklace. Head back to the Hogwarts Courtyard and look for a bucket near the fountain.
  4. Retrieve the Necklace: With the bucket in hand, return to the well in the Forbidden Forest. Use the bucket to retrieve the necklace from the well. You may need to use the bucket several times to catch the necklace.
  5. Defeat the Enemies: After you retrieve the necklace, you will be attacked by several enemies. Defeat them using your spells and abilities.
  6. Return the Necklace: Once you have defeated the enemies, return the necklace to Pelly in the Hogwarts Courtyard. She will reward you with experience points and a unique item.

Completing the “Well, Well, Well” side quest in Hogwarts Legacy involves finding the well, retrieving a bucket, using the bucket to retrieve the stolen necklace, defeating the enemies that appear, and returning the necklace to Pelly for a reward. By following these steps, you can successfully complete this side quest.