Hi-Fi Rush | How To Defeat Zanzo?

Hi-Fi Rush is a rhythm-action game that takes players on a thrilling journey through a world filled with obstacles, enemies, and challenges.

The game’s unique gameplay mechanics make it both challenging and fun, as every aspect of gameplay is tied to the beat of the music. One of the key highlights of Hi-Fi Rush is the boss fights, with characters like Korsica, Zanzo, Mimosa, and others testing players’ skills. In this article, we’ll delve into the third boss fight against Zanzo.

Hi-Fi Rush – Zanzo:

Here’s how to defeat Zanzo in Hi-Fi Rush:

To make the fight against Zanzo easier, players can look to partners for Macaron and Peppermint. Macaron has the strength to break through walls and shields, while Peppermint can assist in parrying. Players will need these skills to progress through Track 4, where Zanzo is stationed.

The first challenge involves taking down PGR-0101, which has a shield that Macaron can break. After his shield is down, he can be attacked, and players must avoid his charge attack. Once PGR-0101 is defeated, more enemies will appear, along with drones that Peppermint can parry.

The next stage takes players through a volcanic area with lava and rock platforms, with Zanzo tossing more of his budget as players progress through the stage. To avoid danger, players must avoid green circles where lava might splash.

As players encounter more enemies, they can use Macaron to defeat those with Z-shields, before finally reaching the end of the chapter. The final step involves taking out the lens, which requires Chai to time his buttons correctly. A cutscene follows where Zanzo spends the last of his budget building a mecha, which unfortunately fails. Chai defeats him, and the story continues with a USB that progresses the story further.

The main character, Chai, is wrongfully fused with an mp3 player, allowing him to hear the world’s rhythm. This sets him on a journey to fight against corporations that wronged him, where he meets many friends along the way.

Hi-Fi Rush is a game that combines challenging gameplay with a catchy soundtrack to create an enjoyable experience for players. The game’s boss fights, including the fight against Zanzo, are a test of skill, but with the help of partners like Macaron and Peppermint, players can overcome the challenges and continue their journey.